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Escape the clutter

At BRAND AVIATORS™ we help define a brand’s mental structures, which bypass the screening mechanisms of the brain, by using advanced, proprietary tools rooted in neurobiology. Our unique methodology goes beyond what people see, to unlock how people feel.

Screening out is a biological process people use all the time. BRAND AVIATORS™ helps the brand to get past the brain’s screening mechanisms by adding emotions to the brand’s market-based assets.

The rational part of the brain is very slow. It takes a lot of energy and concentration to make the most trivial decision. 95 percent of our purchase decision-making takes place in the unconscious mind.

To break through the clutter, the brand’s network of mental associations need to be organized in a story with inner structure rooted in neurobiology and infused with emotions. A story is a lens through which our brain screens everything. Emotion is the biological mechanism through which we make every decision.


Unlock Unconscious 

Distinctive assets do not motivate consumers to buy brands. Emotion is the primary source of human motivation.

Clarity and consistency are not enough. Unless distinctive assets are organized in a relevant story, triggering the appropriate emotions, they are empty and get lost in the dissonance of marketing communication. As a result, a large part of the communication budget and the effort behind every brand
action are wasted.

BRAND AVIATORS™ do not stop at the definition of the appropriate hierarchies of mental structures. Leveraging the advances in modern scientific disciplines such as evolutionary biology, affective neuroscience, biosemiotics and evolutionary psychology they develop the brand neurolanguage which neurally synthesizes colors, materials, shapes, fonts, sounds, patterns etc. to unlock the brand story at both conscious and unconscious levels. Without this neurolanguage the various creative elements may contradict or even cancel each other out.





  • Escape from: 

    •Being unnoticed & screened out

    •Price and product boundaries

    •Place and time

    •Target groups & segmentations

  • Give inner structure to your brand with the appropriate hierarchies of mental associations rooted in biology.
  • Inject emotion into your market-based assets
  • Make sure your brand and its assets are distinctive and consistent and they are not contradicting or cancelling each other out.


We bring together for the first-time brands, people, concepts, products, scents, flavors, colors, sounds etc. composing syntonic symphonies and unbreakable competitive advantages by leveraging the language of the brain. 

who we are

•We are a small, highly specialized team of academics, experts in neurobiology, analytics and brand science.

•We are based in London but work across the globe.

•We only take on missions that we can give the full attention of our A-team; there is no B-team.




why to choose us

  • We use the first integrated tool for unlocking consumer behaviour driven by biology and affective neuroscience
  • Founded on 11 years of academic research
  • Built on analysis of 200 categories of consumer goods and services
  • Applicable across industries
  • Successfully applied by companies such as Coca-Cola, Unilever, Heineken, Philip Morris, L'Oréal, J&J, Lilly and Hyundai
  • Faster: we will complete your brand mission within 3 months
  • Less expensive: affordable even for smaller brands with smaller budgets
  • More scientifically accurate: based on neurobiology not psychology


when to choose us

  • To define more sharply your brands and propel the efficiency of your marketing efforts
  • To stand out in an era of fragmentation
  • To identify white space opportunities even in over-saturated markets
  • To scientifically choose the right words & fonts, scents & flavours, colours & sounds, shapes & materials


Some of the companies with which we have successfully accomplished brand strategy missions

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