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Terms of use

Visitors / users of this Site must read and study carefully the terms of use that follow before they visit our Site and in case of disagreement they should not make use of it. Otherwise, their acceptance with no conditions or terms is considered as certain. The following terms and conditions apply to the totality of the content of this Site.

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Users / visitors who use the services provided by our Site have to do this according to the law, the morals and ethics of general acceptance and the terms and conditions included in this text and not to proceed with any action or omission that may damage the functionality of this Site or the intellectual property of third parties.

The content and functionality of this Site is provided with the understanding that BRAND AVIATORS is not herein engaged in rendering professional advice and services to the visitor / user of this site. All content and functionality on this site is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. BRAND AVIATORSand its third-party content providers make no warranties, express or implied, as to the ownership, accuracy or adequacy of the Site content. BRAND AVIATORS shall have no liability or responsibility for possible damage from the users / visitors of this site or other linked sites that its cause has any relationship with the functionality or use of this site or its content or weakness or lack of information of it or of any eventual intervention of third parties on the content or services provided by this Site.

BRAND AVIATORS and its third-party content providers make every possible effort for the effective functionality of this site, without any warranty that its server or the servers that host the site will function with no interruption or free of mistakes, viruses or similar elements. BRAND AVIATORS and its third-party content providers BRAND AVIATORS shall have no liability or responsibility for possible damage of any kind that can be realized from the use of the site, including but not restricted to any accidental, direct or indirect, damages.


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Consequently, all the above mentioned information is granted at a personal level, for non-commercial use. You will respect all the copyrights of the information provided in the site and any reproduction of it. Any alteration of the material is prohibited.

Thus you are granted only a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to access and download, display, and print one copy of the content and functionality displayed on the Site on any single computer solely for your internal, business use, provided that you do not modify the Site content in any way and that you retain all copyright and other proprietary notices displayed on the Site content. You may not otherwise reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, post, or disclose the Site content without BRAND AVIATORS prior written consent.


Brand aviators™ prohibits the posting of any information that infringes or violates the copyright and/or other intellectual property rights (including rights of privacy and publicity) of any person or entity. If you believe that your intellectual property right (or such a right that you are responsible for enforcing) is infringed by any content on the Site, please write to BRAND AVIATORS which shall remove any posted submission that infringes the copyright or other intellectual property right of any person under the European law. The European law provides significant penalties for submitting such a statement falsely. Under appropriate circumstances, persons who repeatedly submit infringing or unlawful material will be prohibited from posting further submissions.

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